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IPSWICH – Warehouse

Acting for the Landlord, we were asked to prepare a terminal Schedule of Dilapidations on this building which had suffered from severe cut end corrosion to the roofing panels as well as extensive alterations internally.

A full schedule was [prepared and negotiations ensued with the outgoing tenant following which a full refurbishment was undertaken utilsiing the settlement.


Acting for the Tenant, we were asked to defend a substantial claim for dilapidations on this old industrial premises which our Client had bene using for warehouse and forwarding purposes.

Our detailed analysis of the original agreement and Schedule of Condition enabled a successful defence to be established reducing the claim to a more acceptable level enabling our Client to move on with his business in new premises. All achived within a time frame that suited their departure from the premises and thus enabling full attention to making their new premises a success.



Acting for the tenant, we were asked to advise on potential dilapidations risk on a premises our Client was going to be taking over.

Our survey revealed extensive repairs beyond the Schedule of Condition provided to the previous tenant and we were able to secure ,a more extensive Landlord’s works package enabling our Client to enter the premises with he security of knowing a substantial dilapidations risk has been mitigated.

On-going instructions have included advising on the quality of the Landlord’s works.


Defending Terminal Schedule on behalf of Tenant
Martlesham – Ipswich.

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